Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chew on This: Elk horn dog chews

With a big dog, you need a big chew. I have tried the bones that come from the pet store, and while my newf enjoys them, they don't last very long.

Recently, I found elk horn chews. My dog goes crazy for these! They come in various shapes and sizes, but her favorite is about 6 inches long and about 2 inches in diameter...the size of her large fetch stick. She will gnaw on the chew for hours.

I love that elk/deer horn chews are

  • organic
  • sustainable
  • long-lasting (they don't splinter or crack, instead they wear away over time)
  • economical
  • readily available (either at your local pet store or online)
  • no elk or deer were harmed in the making of these treats

I love the peace of mind knowing she isn't going to break a splinter off and swallow it. I love that she enjoys it so much.

Today's chews are cleaned and sanitized for our dogs' protection, unlike what might be in the wild. Ranging from $7.- $16, they seem steep, but last a long time. Unlike bones, they can be gnawed on by a large dog for months.

One warning, not let it fall on your foot! It's as heavy as a rock and could easily break your toe! And I wouldn't try to have the dog fetch it in the house.

Beyond that, they are a good alternative to rawhide, and certainly will last longer!.

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